Madhu Kumari Madhu Kumari has been with the project for 16yrs. She is now working for Amazon.

Suraj Kumar Paswan Suraj - 10 Years Before Suraj Kumar Paswan has been with the project for 10yrs. He has now joined the Indian Army, and has been posted at Kargil, as Lieutenant 2nd in command!

Sonu Sonu, came to the Project as a child about 11 years ago. Now, having finished his schooling, he has got a job at the PVR cinemas. He is doing his graduation alongside and volunteers at the Project to help the younger kids.

Mohammed Umar Mohammed Umar, one of our eldest children. After finishing his schooling, he did his German language course from Max Mueller Bhawan (Goethe Institute). He is the first from his family to study this much. He has now landed a plum job in an Austrian Company.

Salim certificate certificate of
Salim, one of the oldest 'kid' at the project is now a certified yoga teacher.

Ashu Tripathi Ashu Tripathi, one of our eldest and brightest children. Currently she is working as Business Development Manager in Saksham Infra Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Nisha Nisha, came to the Project at a very young age, she was always intrested in music and dance. Following her passion she is working as a successful Choreographer.